How Long Does a Late Payment Stay On Your Credit Report and Tips To Get Them Removed- By: Darin Sewell

Description : If you found out you have low credit scores because of some late payments on your credit report you are probably shocked and wondering how long does a late payment stay on your credit report and how can I get a late payment removed from my credit report! Well keep reading to find out the answers!

Ways You Can Remove The Late Payments

When it comes to removing a late payment from your credit report yourself you basically have three options available to choose from. Each option uses a different approach and I will list them below and you can decide for yourself which one will work best for you and your situation.

Wait It Out- If you have no need for better credit scores right now you can always wait until the information is a 7 years old and it will fall off on its own. In addition if you establish your credit and maintain good payment history, your scores will slowly improve as time goes by. If you need your credit raised quickly, this is not the best option for you. Also keep in mind that life throws you curve balls and you may need credit sooner then you think so plan accordingly!

Negotiate With The Lender- Many times lenders are willing to remove late payments from your credit report if you are able to either pay down balances or pay past due amounts that you never made good on. It does not always work and you do need some money to use this option but it can work very well!

Beat Them At Their Own Game- One of the best ways to get a late payment removed from your credit report is to use some proven credit repair methods. With credit repair you will be disputing items on your credit report that are causing your credit scores to drop. When done correctly items like late payments can be removed! Your chances to have credit repair work for you will be increased with a good Self Credit Repair Kit that will guide you through the process and give you all the tools you need to succeed!

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