How To Fix Bad Credit Ratings With a Few SImple Steps That Will Work- By: Darin Sewell

Description : In today's troubled economy many people have found themselves unemployed or with pay cuts. Often times this can lead to problems paying your bills which in turn leads to big drops in your credit score. Once that happens you will have a hard time getting financing for literally anything!

So how do you fix bad credit ratings, well you will find a simple plan below that will help you get back on track financially and help your credit scores increase! While it is not the entire answer it will point you in the right direction.

Rebuild Your Credit Rating

The first step is to start building a base from which you can build upon. Chances are you may not have any open and active credit accounts right now and that is a problem. Without credit your scores will never rise but with low scores you cannot get credit! To get out of this catch 22 you can employ secured credit cards.

Secured Credit Cards function and report to the credit bureaus the same as normal credit cards do. However the borrower must give the lender a security deposit equal to the cards high limit, normally $250-$500. This security deposit makes approval almost guaranteed as long as you have the ability to make the minimum payment.

Clean Up Your Credit Report

Once you start to re establish your credit history you need to address the items on your credit report that are pulling your credit scores down and get them removed. The best way to get this done is with self credit repair.

Self Credit Repair is a process where you dispute item on your credit report with the three main credit reporting bureaus. They will then investigate your claims and if nothing can be verified they will remove the negative items. This is not hard to do but it does require that things be done in a correct way in order to ensure the best results and that you do not actually damage your credit as opposed to fixing it.

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If you are unsure on how to go about doing Self Credit Repair then pick up a good book or guide on the subject. Many are available online for a small fee and will help you get yourself squared away much faster.