How to Light the Best Features of your Home- By: Rose B

Description : Lights may be just little things on your home, but it has big effects to the spots where it is placed. Since there are different kinds of illuminating tools in the world, you need to identify which type will be able properly light your home while giving you the most benefits that you can ever get from any other light.

To be able to identify the right light, there are certain aspects of your home that you need to consider like the ceiling, space or area of the room, and the ambiance that you want to have when occupying the area. With all of these in mind, you may think that this task is difficult. In the contrary, it is really easy especially if you go through these few simple tips on how to light up the best features of your home:

Hallway drama
The hallway is that one place in your home where guests will pass through to get to your living room area. Since this is the first room the they be in, the lighting should make a impression glamorous impression. One thing you can place here is a chandelier. However, you must make sure that the ceiling is high enough to place chandelier. Keep in mind that it will make your ceiling appear lower than it looks like. Also, a chandelier may not be able to produce much light that is why you need to add little lights that will be directed toward it. Placing wall lights are a big no-no since it will eat up the space intended for your guests to pass through. It will only get in you and your guests' way. If you do not like chandeliers, you can also choose the floor-level lighting, which will surely give your hallway a dramatic look.

Living room spotlights
Your living room is certainly the area in your home that is frequently used, which is why you need to install various types of illuminating tools. In this way, you can have different levels of light in the most appropriate places in the room. Since the living room is most likely the area where you place your collections, figurines or plants, you can actually give an emphasis on it by placing spotlights below or behind them. If you like to hang pictures on the wall, you can also have the eyeball-lighting attached that can be swiveled to have a wider beam.

There are a number of activities that you probably do in the living room that is why it requires more types of lighting. Deciding to have only one lighting tool for the whole living room will definitely spell disaster.

Dining room atmosphere
In the dining room, it is recommended to install pendants, which will be placed as low as you like, in order for you to acquire an intimate ambiance while eating. But remember to place it not too low. It must be high enough to see everyone at the table.

Wall lights may also be an alternative, which will also be of great importance especially during candlelight dinners.

Bedroom Intimacy
The bedroom is certainly the place in your home where you want to feel warm and comfortable. For you to situate this kind of feeling, you can place pendants or wall lights. Keep in mind that you need to place these light above the height of your head so that you will be aided by light especially if you like reading book right before you sleep.

Last but not the least, it is advisable to get dimming lights for every room you have for this will surely help you adjust the lighting levels that will suit your mood. Bear this all in mind and you will surely get the right lighting on the right places.

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