How to Update a Bathroom with Tile- By: John Whitaker

Description : Tile is such a versatile product available in so many styles, colors and sizes, that itís easy to use when you want to update a bathroom. You can create any look, from very dramatic to very neutral and serene, just through the tile you choose and the designs you create. Just let your personal preference and creativity guide you in creating an updated bathroom that is just your style.

Tips on Choosing Tile Colors
Just as paint color can affect the mood of a room, the color of tile will also affect the ambiance and decorative impact of a room: Lighter colors seem more expansive and airy and darker colors feel more intimate and dramatic. Keep in mind that tile is more of a permanent fixture than paint; you can tear it out and change it, but itís not as easy and rolling a new paint color on the wall. Many people choose to go with light neutral tiles for the majority of the space, and accent with brighter or patterned tile to create a desired effect.

How to Use Tile in the Bathroom
Of course, easy-to-clean, durable tile floors are right at home in a bathroom. Choose from rustic river rock or cobblestone, classic black and white, or contemporary colored tiles that give your bathroom a refreshed attitude. When choosing floor tile, opt for a surface that wonít be slippery when wet and one thatís not hard on bare feet.

Bathtub or shower enclosures are other natural locations for tile. From tiny mosaics in a rainbow of colors to modern domes, textured or dimpled neutral tiles, you can create any look you wish to welcome you each morning.

Tile can be used on the walls of a bathroom as well. Covering an entire wall or several walls with tile can be very dramatic and opulent; you can choose to match tile used in the shower or tub area or create contrast and impact between the two spaces. The two areas can be visually connected with a patterned tile border, for example, or a deeper colored tile in one area can work as an accent with neutral colored tiles in the other.

Wall tile in the bath can also be used as an accent: Add a beautiful tumbled stone backsplash behind the vanity. A backsplash is easy to keep clean, protects your wall surface and adds style, texture and dimension to the bathroom.

Another inexpensive way to add tile is create a border around the room at chair rail height, or above a spa style tub. Use glass tiles to create a beautiful focal point on the wall in front of your spa tub.

When decorating a bathroom with tile, use expensive patterned, glass, metallic or other dramatic tiles in small doses to complement coordinating tiles in a simple or neutral style. This will not only save money, it will make those tiles stand out even more so that you can use them to create focal points wherever you wish.

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