Importance of Home Inspection- By: Mary Deoquino

Description : Carrying out a thorough inspection of a home before acquiring it is extremely important. It is recommended to hire a professional to carry out this inspection for you. Home inspections are specifically tailored to check your home for any defects that might harm the safety, resale value or livability of your property. But you need to remember that home inspections, by no means would ever provide information about cosmetic deficiencies such as walls that require fresh paint etc to you. You would yourself have to check up on these, so do not expect a home inspector to tell you about these details.

Make sure that you do not wait till an offer has been made to start the search for a home inspector. This is because of the fact that a time limit will be specified in the contract during which you must get your house inspected. The time period is usually between 7 to 14 days. So if you start looking for a home inspector at the last moment, than you would not be able to find an inspector you are satisfied with. In this case, you would have only two options; either let an inspector who you really do not trust much conduct an inspection or else acquire the house without having it inspected. Of course these alternatives are not a good idea at all.

Newly Built Homes and Their Inspection

Homes that have been constructed about a year ago before inspection and have not been lived in are considered as newly constructed homes. As these homes are considered new, there are certain limitations on their inspection as compared to those of resale homes. Considering the fact that newly built houses have not been given enough time to settle, there is a fair chance that its inspection would not whether it would settle well or not. Even though your builders along with a local municipal inspector will conduct regular checks on the house all through its construction, it is still advisable for you to hire a professional to conduct a thorough inspection.

It is very important for you to get your house inspected before you make a deal with the builder. What is equally important is that you should be present at your place during the inspection, so that you may get to know about any problems that need to be fixed and also get to know the details about your house. Your inspector will provide you complete information about the types of systems used in the house, how they operate and the general maintenance of your home. This way, you will get to figure out any significant issues that you believe your builder must know about. It would then be the responsibility of your builder to fix these problems before closing the deal.

So basically, it is necessary for you to get your home inspected to save yourself from any repair related problems in the future. Make a wise decision and get your house inspected.

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