Increase Credit Score - How Bad Credit Can Affect Your Life and What To Do About It- By: Darin Sewell

Description : Having good credit is very important and most people realize this fact. However most people do not realize how their credit can affect their daily lives. Most people are also unsure about how to increase credit scores that are low or credit histories that are bad. This article will cover three major areas of your life that a bad credit score can affect and also what you can do to increase credit scores that are low.

Three Ways Bad Credit Will Affect Your Life

Reason #1- Obviously the major reason that you want to have good credit and high credit scores is to have the ability to easily secure loans and credit cards at low interest rates. The rates on any loan from mortgages to credit cards will be affected by your credit score. In addition you will also need great credit to qualify for those special financing deals you hear advertised, like the zero percent car loans!

Reason #2- Not only will having a good credit score and a clean credit report help you to get good loans with low interest rates but it can also help you get a job. That's right a job! Today many employers are turning to people's credit histories to thin the herd of applicants they receive for job openings. The thought on checking an applicants credit is that if you cannot pay your bills on time or be financially responsible then you will not make a very good employee, true or false it is what they are doing and there is no way to avoid it!

Reason #3- Another area where your credit score and credit history is very important is your auto insurance. Here again auto insurance companies are looking at clients credit scores to determine the insurance rates they pay. While many people argue there is no correlation between a credit score and the way you drive, the insurance companies beg to differ and continue use this to determine your insurance rates!

What Can I Do If I Have a Bad Credit History Or Low Scores

One of the best ways to boost your credit score is to obviously pay your bills on time and not take out too much debt. However items can stay on your report for up to 10 years. So that means that those credit cards you blew off in college are still on your report and hurting your chances at a good job, low insurance rates and good loans. Luckily the law is on your side and you have the right to dispute items on your credit report and get them removed, this is a process called credit repair and can be easily done on your own!

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Author Resource : Tips For Doing Self Credit Repair

The process of Self Credit Repair is a fairly straight forward and simple process if you have the right plan to follow. However If you go into it unprepared you run the risk of failing or damaging your credit further. To avoid hurting your credit you should get a proven Credit Repair Guide.