Information on Some Top Noida Property Fairs- By: Aadi Sharma

Description : The Noida property fairs are perfect boost for the growing real estate segment of the region. Such fairs serve opportunities for investors, bankers as well as developers to compare various projects and to explore more innovative aspects of realty development. In fact, the shows are perfect platform for real estate agents, purchasers, investors and developers to interact with one another to understand the market trends in dept. The following are some of the popular Noida property fairs that are held in the city to promote the overall development of the real estate business in the industrial town of UP.

Some Popular Noida Property Fairs

Greycell Real Estate Expo

The Greycell Real Estate Expo took place on 17th and 18th April, 2010 at Noida Radission MBD Hotel. The fair provided complete solutions for real estate with the intention to target retail business and professional customers. The expo brought together the housing financiers, insurance companies, indoor and outdoor requirement makers for huge corporate buildings to low cost economic housing fixtures.

The profile of long list of visitors included professionals coming from real estates companies, banking sector, financial institutions, insurance companies, investment companies, government agencies, interior decorators, developers and building contractors, apartment finders and renters and many such.

Property Exhibition at Noida Expo Centre

A property exhibition was held on April 16-17-18 in Noida Expo Centre, Sector-62. Being one of the famous Noida property fairs, the exhibition was conducted with the objective of targeting wide range of real estate segments including the residential properties like penthouses, plots, farmhouses and commercial spaces like office complexes, malls and such.

Online Exhibition Noida

With the aid of its cutting edge technology, would be launching virtual Noida property fairs. The online fairs launched by the company are actually the continuation of the offline fairs conducted by it. The fairs would be displaying the projects of all the twelve developers who took part in the Noida Expo held in February 20 and 21, 2010.

So, look up for Noida realty news to know more about the Noida property fairs. Many such exhibitions and expos are lined up in the ensuing months. To catch up with them, all you have to do is to keep track on all the recent updates of the property market in Noida.

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