Know If Solar Panels Would Work For You and Your Home- By: Fredrica Smith

Description : Due to rising concerns for the worsening condition of the environment, newer eco-friendly technologies have been developed to augment the problem. One of these advancements is in form of photovoltaic modules or more popularly known as solar panels. You might have heard about the multifaceted benefits this alternative power source brings. But do not jump right in yet. You have to gauge if solar panels are right for your home as investing into this would require a lot of money.

There are many considerations to be made once you tinker with the idea of installing solar panels in your home. First of all, your location matters a lot upon deciding if solar energy system through solar panels is right for you.

In general scope, you primarily need to assess your area with respect to the climate. Are most days of the year sunny or rainy? This is very important per se, for example, the same set of panels installed in two different homes in entirely two different states would have dissimilar output. Say, the set installed in a home located somewhere in the Southeastern region would have longer and higher exposure to the heat of the sun. Thus, more solar energy could be stored.

Next point of concern would be the tax incentives and rebates available in your area. Most states these days give up to 30 percent dollar-for-dollar tax credit just by purchasing the panels. If that is the case in your location, then you have better financial advantages other than having lower electric bills.

Another availability you should be looking into is the number of professional solar power system installers and retailers in your area. If there is scarcity of supplies and services particularly devoted for installing and maintaining solar panels, your savings from the lower bills and tax credits would be offset by the long trips just to access solar power supplies in other districts. While there are ways to construct and set up your own panels, it might not be a good idea given that this would be your first time to venture into alternative power systems.

Moreover about the installers, be sure that your candidate to do the job is backed up with the proper credentials. Remember that this equipment would be a drastic change in your home, your lifestyle. Thus, it is ultimately vital that you only get the services of someone who has the proper knowledge, skills, techniques and experience when it comes to setting up a solar panel structure. There are agencies that could help you verify the credibility of your particular installer.

In terms of the supplies, you have to check up on the existing solar panel models in your area. They come in different types flexible or rollable, foldable and by the pallet. They come in different wattage capacities (thus, in different sizes too) 1 to 50 watts, 51 to 99 watts, 100 to 149 watts, and 150 watts and up. You have the discretion as to which ones to get, and you can even ask the installer to tailor the panels to suit the structure (especially the roofing) of your home.

Take note of the costs involved too. Typically, you would have to disburse $20,000 to $40,000 to establish a comprehensive system, which would comprise of panels that could generate enough energy to supply your whole home.

The bottom line of it all is to not be blindsided by the overflowing benefits of having solar panels over its practicality.

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