Learning More About Homeowners Insurance- By: Vicki Hat

Description : Have you ever experienced the agony of paying thousands or even hundreds of dollars due to the damages brought by fire? Did you have a hard time raising funds to rebuild your house, as well as to buy new furniture, clothing, appliances and others? It is definitely difficult for people to cope up in situations like this. Everything that you have worked hard for can easily turn into ashes with just one mistake of leaving the candle burning.

But house fires are not the only catastrophes that could lead to financial distress; so as theft and other forms of accidents. It can be very devastating and if you have no insurance, you can only be left with one choice: try to cope up.

Why wary all of these things when you can protect yourself from financial distress brought by these mishaps? You can do it just by getting homeowners insurance.

Is this the first time you have heard of this term? If it is, you have to get cracking and learn more about this type of insurance. You need to know what it can do for you and what you should be looking for when purchasing this service.

Homeowners Insurance is also known as hazard insurance. From its name, you can tell exactly what is does. As what insurance does, it protects you from the heavy expenses that may be incurred in the future but such expenses shall be caused by the listed perils of the coverage.

Perils as defined is the likelihood of a thing or person to be damaged or injured because of exposure to a particular risk. Examples of perils covered in different HO policies are explosion, fire, windstorm, falling objects, theft and many others. If perils are strong within your community, the bigger premium you have to pay. This is because you are a risky investment and there are greater chances that your insurance company would have to pay for your loss.

When you obtain a homeowners insurance, it is important that are covered properly. The amount of coverage should be enough to cover its replacement cost. And if your home is prone to disasters, you may want to consider getting an additional coverage especially for those events that are not covered by the standard insurance. Don't settle for the basic coverage alone. You have to insure your homes with the right amount, especially if your home is on a risky zone.

Homeowners Insurance has basic policies that you can obtain. Below are the lists of policies:

  1. HO-1: insures your homes against 10 different perils. It is known as the basic policy.

  2. HO-2: insures your home against 16 different perils.

  3. HO-3: Is broader than the other 2 and covers almost all of the perils. However, exclusions may still be mentioned.

  4. HO-4: Insurance policy for the renter that insures a rented house from 16 specific perils with liability coverage.

  5. HO-6: insures condominiums and cooperatives which include personal property coverage and liability coverage.

  6. HO-8: Insurance for older homes. Similar to HO-2 however it only covers repair costs.

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