Lincoln to Join Other American Title Companies in Providing Services- By: John Cutts

Description : The national Appraisal Management Company, Lincoln Appraisal and Settlement Services, will be joining other American title companies following the firm's announcement that it will be providing Sistar Mortgage with closing and title services. Sistar is a residential mortgage firm based in Michigan that offers various types of loans in all U.S. states.

According to company officials, the Lincoln Premier Title and Closing Service Division of Lincoln Appraisal will be equipped with up to date technology and well-trained employees who will handle the electronic closing services of the division. The E-Closings services of the company will include E-Recording and E-Signing.

Officials from the firm have described the division's technology platform as capable of providing centralized placements of orders and real time reports with 24-7 client access. The division is also designed to offer services to clients who wish to expand their business, particularly those that are in need of lending assistance.

Lincoln has also stated that its specialized division can provide Broker and Lender Licensing and Compliance services that will meet the requirements set in each U.S. state. They also assert that they are different from other American title companies in a way that they can provide services quickly with an average turnaround delivery time of less than two days or 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Lincoln's closing and title service client, Sistar Mortgage, is best known for having a strong record of providing services that earn high satisfaction ratings from its customers. According to Sistar, its primary aim is to offer maximum investment benefits to its clients without the hassle of maximum costs. The company has been in the business of providing services related to residential loans since 2002.

According to Sistar officials, the partnership with Lincoln will allow them to offer high quality closing and title services to customers, a claim that was supported by the management of Lincoln. Sistar also stated that the partnership will allow the company to continue to put clients' interests at the forefront of their service concerns.

Both companies have expressed satisfaction over the agreement, with Lincoln asserting that, as one of the top American title companies, it only cooperates with businesses that have strong values and well-known ethical practices, such as Sistar Mortgage.

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