Listing Presentation 101- By: Kevin Wright

Description : One of the most important things a real estate professional can do is master their listing presentation. You should know what your going to say during the listing presentation like the back of your hand. Perfecting your listing presentation is one of the most important aspects of getting sales and referrals, yet so many agentís listing presentations are executed very poorly or in an incorrect way. Top real estate professionals are well scripted and know exactly what to say in the buyer or seller presentation. This is one of the reasons that they are exude more confidence and get listings.

When you give your listing presentations you usually say the same thing to each client so it's no different in preparing exactly what you want to convey. This will enable you to be more confident in your approach. Always be confident when you give your presentations because clients respond well to confidence.

During your listing presentation you should be able to connect with other clients; therefore you need to know your customer well. Research your customers and their needs. If you donít understand your customer, then how can you help them? Study your customer base; know everything there is to know about them, including both sellers and buyers. You also need to be unique in your approach. What is it that you do, that is different from other agents? Donít forget that people donít buy from salespeople, they buy from people they feel comfortable with and trust. You want to make the client comfortable with your services while maintaining a professional role in the real estate listing presentation and transaction.

A great way for you to make an ever lasting impression on your prospective clients is to use a Pre-Listing Package or a Pre-Purchase Package along with your real estate listing presentation. Using one will set you apart from other agents. This presentation package introduces you and your company to the client and explains to them how you are best qualified for all their real estate needs. It also educates the client on the home buying and selling process, which many agents neglect. If you were buying or selling a home, wouldnít you want your agent to go the extra mile for you? The advantage of using this package is to establish rapport and make the client feel comfortable with your services before the appointment.

It is important that each and every one of your clients receives a package immediately after the first contact is made, so they have chance to review it. Itís smart to include necessary disclosures that you need them to sign, such as the listing contract so it can be reviewed beforehand, and then less time will be spent at the appointment going over disclosures. Perfecting your listing presentation can help you increase sales, listings, and double your referrals.

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