Living the Life in the Valley in a San Diego Foreclosure Home- By: Julie Thompson

Description : While the state of California is in dire straits certain areas still retain the allure that will continue to draw sales in and one such area we are going to review is San Diego.

There is no way to describe the overall outlook for the state of California when it comes to economics and in particular the real estate market. There is only one word that comes to mind that can be printed where everyone can read it and that word is bleak.

San Diego however continues to hold the charm that has drawn people to the area since the beginning and that charm is not likely to fade. Thus we can expect that the market in the San Diego area is likely to rebound faster than the market in a lot of other areas, such as Los Angeles for example where the gang violence can make purchasing real estate a crap shoot at best.

The scenery and the quaint neighborhoods in the San Diego area have always held a certain charm for the people that visit there and it continues to draw people in even in this time of poor economy, though not in the vast numbers that it did previously.

What that would tend to indicate is that for someone looking to invest in real estate that will be among the first to rebound and recover when the market turns around, the area around San Diego is one of the best bets in the state of California.

The property even in this market seems to have held on to its value a little better than the other areas of the state and so the result is that you might still today, even in this state of the market, tend to pay a little more than in other areas, but your return on the investment is likely to be faster and better than other areas as well so it should average out.

In the long run you might even decide you like it well enough to actually stay there and not sell after all.

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