Maximize Natural Lighting in Your Home through Simple Steps- By: Fredrica Smith

Description : If you want to achieve the best livable conditions present in your home, one thing you should focus on is to have proper lighting design. While most households entirely rely on an electrical source to provide power for all lighting fixtures, there is another way you can have great lighting inside your home. That is by maximizing the natural light seeping through your home.

Here are some measures already proven effective in many households:

  1. Entry-ways where light seeps through must not be blocked. Window treatments like curtains, shades or blinds should be pushed aside during day time. Pull up treatments for glass-paned doors as well. Any tall or wide furniture or fixture must be placed across such openings.

  2. Translucent surfaces like glass panes should be cleaned on a frequent basis. To further reduce your expenses, use home-made solutions for cleaning. One sample is a mix of plain white vinegar and water in equal parts, to be poured in a spray bottle. Wipe off the applied solution using soft cloth or tea towel so as to also prevent scratching delicate surfaces.

  3. Consider repainting your walls with a soft pastel or neutral color like cream, beige, mint green or sky blue. Any room would brighten up instantly if such tint is all over the room. You might also want to try having room items with colors in the pastel or neutral palette alike the shade of your walls.

  4. Make the outdoor light spread across the entire house via adding mirrors. Once light bounces off the mirror, light is deflected in most directions. Try out floor-to-ceiling installation, mirror panels or picture frames with mirror bits to be added in every room. You can also use crystal pieces like strings of crystal beads along windows or crystal chandelier.

  5. Another simple enhancement would be to have new window treatments. Shades, blinds, curtains and solar panels are the current favored products. These are now equipped with high UV protection, controllable opacity features. These come in various styles, colors and designs. Some can even be tailored especially to fit your windows.

  6. Window replacements or skylight installations are major options to have optimal natural lighting anywhere in the house. New models of such products are more efficient today due to their higher visual light transmittance values, R-values and heightened capacity to seal indoor warmth.

    But before you can proceed with installing new windows or skylights, you have to be sure that proper inquiry regarding building codes from your local government has taken place. Be reminded that due to the Building Code Act, local governments have implemented regulations to ensure that safety is a top priority once a home or commercial construction project begins. There are certain building activities that necessitate permits. For one, major replacements such as mentioned above require permits if the windows or skylights alter the original footprint or roofline of the house. So your project would not be hindered, apply for the permit as soon as possible.

Having as much natural light penetrating your home presents many advantages lower electric bills, enhanced home lighting design, tax incentives for purchasing eco-friendly products like window replacements and skylights and ultimately a better environment.

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