Michigan GOP: No Intention of Using Foreclosure List- By: Cassiano Travareli

Description : In a few weeks, the very controversial US presidential election will finally be held. One of the controversies surrounding the election is the alleged plan of the Michigan GOP to challenge the residency of voters by referring to foreclosure listings.

Members of the Michigan Republican Party have already denied the allegation several times especially after the Democratic national Committee filed a lawsuit against party officials. The said lawsuit was only dropped when the Michigan GOP submitted its written promise not to resort to such tactics as part of the agreed settlement.

The said allegation stemmed from a report obtained from the Michigan Messenger, a liberal blog. It said that the chairman of the Macomb County Republican Party, James Carabelli has released a statement involving the party’s use of foreclosure list in order to challenge the eligibility of the voter.

Despite the initial denial, the Obama campaign and the DNC decided to file a lawsuit. For the Democratic Party, such challenges are considered to be illegal. It is also quite worrying since it could result to a low voter turn out considering the millions of voters in some stage of foreclosure.

According to election officials, there is no reason for voters to feel threatened since there are no election rules which prohibit a voter from exercising his right to vote just because he is facing foreclosure.

And just to make sure that there will be no challenges of this kind, government officials are promising that they will be training the election officers and representatives in every voting centers so that they could expertly address these foreclosure-related challenges.

Nationwide, the number of homes entering foreclosure has not slowed down especially after the mess in Wall Street and despite the $700 billion bailout plan approved by the Congress last October 3 and the $300 billion housing rescue program implemented last October 1.

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Author Resource : Cassiano Travareli has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosures market over 5 years.