Photos in Listings of Foreclosures Speed Up Sales- By: John Cutts

Description : Buyers pay more attention to pictures in listings of foreclosures than all the literature that it comes with. Since buyers will most definitely go for listings with photos, sellers and agents should endeavor to include pictures of the home they are selling on the market.

This somehow dispels the initial uncertainties buyers may have if they are only seeing plain listings of foreclosures. Buyers seem to be able to gain a lot of insights from a simple photo. They enable home hunters to go through a lot of properties faster and arrive at the few ones they wish to look into more closely.

In this age of high technology, buyers can even easily spot a genuine photo from one enhanced by a computer program like Adobe PhotoShop.  The trick is if they look to good to be true considering the asking price, then caution should be taken immediately.

The kind of photos you should be seeing if you are searching for a home include a wide panoramic shots as well as photos of individual rooms.  This means the seller or property manager is not hiding any major structural flaw or damage.

Agents or property managers submitting pictures of their properties for release online should ensure that the images are relevant and provide the details a buyer would need to make a decision. Consider too the price tag you want to place on the property as it should correspond to the general look conveyed by your pictures.

Showcasing the Home

In taking pictures for your listings of foreclosures make sure the home is clean and there is no clutter anywhere as this tends to shrink the space.  It is better to take several shots and edit later picking out only the most relevant ones.

Make sure you use only natural light as a studio treatment may not be truly representative of the home you are selling. Photographers will tell you that the best way to capture an image is by taking it with your back facing the light source.

Unique details of the home should be highlighted as it has the power to increase the value of the property. Showcase the grounds like the back yard or the fences if any.

Foreclosure listings sites that enable photo uploads may charge fees as pictures take up a lot of space. Of course pictures cannot do all the work, your presentation should have pertinent information on the property including the contact details of the property manager.

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