Preparing to Sell an FSBO Home- By: John Cutts

Description : Selling a home without an agent may be a tedious work. But an FSBO homes may be sold with just a simple guideline and some useful tips.

One of the first things to consider is the current housing market. How much are the homes in the area currently sold or listed? Doing research will give the sellers idea on how to deal in their homes for sale by owner.

Knowing the trend of the housing market helps a lot in listing FSBO. Sellers must ask the local county office or check the county website on how much homes were sold in the area. Checking the local paper and the internet for home listings would inform a seller on the current home values. With this knowledge the home owner can do FSBO listing.

Once an FSBO home is listed, the homeowner must then prepare the house for potential buyers keeping in mind that first impression lasts. A home buyer can be turned off easily with a scrappy looking and reeking home.

Properties for sale by owner, buyers drive thru their target homes. FSBO must then look presentable from the streets. Cleaning up the lawn, sweeping out dried leaves and tidying up the landscape may give a good impression. Windowpanes must be well maintained while glasses are kept clean.

The home seller must make sure that the buyer can see themselves living in the home. So the inside of the house for sale by owner must be clutter free. Rearranging furniture may help in making the house look spacious.

To help the potential buyer envision themselves inside the home minimize personal items like photos.

For currently vacant homes and pet owners, they must make sure that their home must be odor free. Putting some lemons on the trash, or boiling vanilla in some water or lighting light and airy scented candles can eliminate odors and make the house homier.

Retouching the FSBO home’s paint can do a lot too. Paint the house with neutral colors for more appeal or light colors for a sense of brightness and largeness for the room.

The goal of all these effort is to impress potential buyers. Presenting the FSBO property in the best possible way attracts more potential buyers and helps sellers get rid of their old home faster.

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Author Resource : John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.