Pricing Guide for Pole Barns Kits- By: Christoper Robertson

Description : If you're thinking of adding a barn, garage or other building on your property, pole barn kits can provide a great starting point. These are kits that include everything you need to build a building from start to finish. The only thing missing is the concrete for a foundation! All other materials including wood, supports, roof trusses, screws, nails, trim, columns, etc. are included in the kit. Barn building kits also feature drawings, layouts and specifications, which will eliminate much of the groundwork from building your barn or building.

Now that you know a little about pole barns kits, it's time to think about pricing. This is where things can get a little tricky. First get a few estimates for your building or barn project from licensed contractors in your area, and then compare these to your labor and kit costs. Will you build it on your own or hire someone to help? What are your building/zoning requirements according to your local government? What will be the shipping costs for your building kit? These will need to be factored into the price as well.

Keep in mind that pricing will vary from one retailer to the next. So you'll need to compare not only the price of building kits, but also what's included and the quality of materials.


One important aspect of pricing for pole barns kits is the guarantee or warranty being offered. There are kits with up to a 30- or 40-year warranty, which guarantees that the materials will withstand the test of time....excluding certain situations. Read the warranty carefully and determine if it's worth paying more for the kit. Some companies will give a refund or replace defective materials. Make sure the warranty is something you're willing to accept before making a purchase.

Performance Certificate

Pole barn packages should also include a Performance Certificate. This gives the details of material types and how the materials were prepared, finished and tested. For example, you can read the Performance Certificate to learn about the strength of the steel, galvanizing process and painting preparation. If a retailer provides this for you to read up front, then you can rest assured that the company is confident about the quality of its building kits.

Barn or Building Sizes

Prices will also vary according to the size of your barn or metal building. You can compare prices two total price or by price per square foot. Square foot pricing can help you determine if using a kit will be more cost effective than hiring a local contractor. Prices can range from $3000 to $30,000, depending on the size and frame style of the barn.

Features and Options

You'll want to get a base price and then add features or options to get a total price. Add-ons will add to the price, but they can also add to the value of your building or barn. A few to consider include insulated doors and/or windows, extra attic storage, snow guards, roof insulation, ridge air vent and accent panels.

The best way to price a pole barn or metal building kit is to determine what size and features will make sense for you. Every project is unique, and you might not need the same type of barn as the "Joneses" down the street. Avoid building a barn that's too big for your needs. But on the other hand, consider if you'll need more space in the future. Do you plan to add stock or equipment to your farm in the near future? If so, consider buying a larger barn or building.

Whether buying home garage kits, metal building kits or pole barn packages, check out the many resources available on the Web first. It's a great way to shop and compare pricing without leaving your desk. You won't have to worry about sales pressure either, so you can take your time to compare all the options. Some retailers offer a variety of building choices, such as pole barns kits, garage building kits and more. Consider price, quality and long-term benefits to find the best pole barn kit for you!

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