Pune Real Estate - Buoyant and Inviting- By: George Gonigal

Description : Pune, the Queen of the Deccan, located in western Maharashtra. The city, today has become a global city, and is representative of the very best in Indian society. The city has taken development and equity on equal pedestals, and has therefore succeeded in becoming an example worth being emulated.

The economy of Pune is growing at a rapid rate because of infrastructural development and increasing amounts of foreign investments. The real estate sector in Pune has hit a golden patch, and Pune property prices are appreciating like never before. The strategic location of Pune makes it one of the best places for investment. Also, as a result of enormous free flowing capital, Pune real estate builders have obtained a massive financial base, which has allowed them to expand operations in the commercial, residential and retail areas. Moreover the city is dotted with transitional companies like IBM, Dell and Accenture which has made it the hub of the IT sector.

Pune real estate prices are on an upswing with capital appreciation of 25-30 per cent annually. Many areas have prospered to such an extent that property prices have almost doubled. The cosmopolitan base of Pune has attracted immigrants from neighboring cities, which has kept Pune rental markets in the upfront. Houses are available for rent easily and at affordable rates.

According to Pune real estate brokers, the city has so far been insulated from any impact of the global financial crisis. It is said that investing in Pune properties in the medium and long terms makes the most economic sense today. The townships offer the safest and most investment laden opportunities. The best investment destinations include Supreme Palms, Mahindra Royale and Kumar Sansar Kondhawa.

Pune also plays host to the Commonwealth Youth Games this year. This has enabled the city to showcase its potential and has as a consequence led to the setting up of an exclusive Power plant, newer industries and several other business technology development projects have sprung up.

Pune real estate today is buoyant and inviting. It is ripe for innovation and investment. Pune needs to continue on this growth chart and exploit its potential to its fullest, feel the industry experts.

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