Reduce Indoor Pollution- By: Vicki Hat

Description : Indoor air quality must be maintained for various reasons. Primarily, the right quality of air allows you to live your day to day life without compromising your health. And secondly, it makes living more comfortable as some pollutants create a funny smell in your home. Hence, you get to breathe freely and be assured of an oxygen-rich air that could make your home a good place for dwelling.

Unfortunately, indoor air can be heavily compromised by various pollutants that can come from the structures of the building or even the materials that has been used to build it. Some are by products of your common activities like cooking, heating and others. The scary part is these pollutants can increase their concentrations without your knowledge.

Since it is hard to determine them, you must be acquainted by the common pollutants that exist in your home. You also need to know the practices that could prevent them from reaching dangerous levels, at the same time eliminate the risk of their existence.

Here are some of them:

  1. Carbon Dioxide: This gas is usually produced from simply by exhaling. However, it becomes pollutant when it reaches high level and this can be caused by ordinary human activities.

    It can be lessened by placing houseplants in your homes. Aside from that, gas leaks must also be lessened and proper ventilation must exist.

  2. Asbestos is a fiber that was popularly used to making pipes and other components of your house. They were used because of their insulating abilities and their durability. Unfortunately, old homes who have rotten materials are would eventually disturb the fibers. As a result, they get scattered on air, breathed in by people and causing inflammation in the respiratory tract. What's worse it could lead to cancer.

    If you have homes that have been built since 1975, you should suspect the existence of asbestos. Hence, the place should be inspected by a professional. They should also be tasked to remove the asbestos as they know the proper way to do it.

  3. There are also Volatile Organic Chemicals, otherwise known as VOCs, that are emitted various human products like solvents, paints, cleaning products and fossil fuels. Being exposed to VOCs would lead to sick building sydrome. Hence, one should improve the ventilation at home and use humidifiers.

  4. Carbon monoxide is also produced from fossil fuels that have not completely combusted. This gas is a silent killer since it is odorless and colorless. However, it is detectable nowadays. There are carbon monoxide detectors that you can install at home, especially in your kitchen area. The alarm would sound if it reaches high levels. But the best way to avoid high concentrations of this gas in your home is proper ventilation.

  5. Molds can also become a problem at home. This is most evident in areas that are high in moisture or heavily dampened. Molds can destroy your structures of your home and eventually weaken it. It can also lead to respiratory diseases and allergic reactions that could lead to difficulty of breathing. To avoid these problems, the first thing you need to do is to fix any leakage in your home. Second you need to ensure proper ventilation and avoid too much humidity at home. Lastly, if you have seen first signs of mold, have them removed right away as they can easily multiply.

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