Renters Become Foreclosure Victims- By: Cassiano Travareli

Description : Despite being very responsible payers of their monthly rent, some tenants still end up being evicted out of their homes unexpectedly. Their delinquent landlords are to blame for this. When a property faces foreclosure, a tenant may not have a single hint nor notice on the foregoing process until it actually happens.

Once eviction notice is delivered to these innocent tenants, they are only left with no choice other than complying with the notice. Being foreclosed tenants, they have little to no rights at all. They may appear in court to heed the notice. However, they are not given the chance to keep their place. The most compromising decision they are granted is to be given time to leave the property until 21 days only.

Although against their will, deputies have no choice but to perform their duty and kick these tenants out of their homes. In Cook County, Sheriff Tom Dart stood up for these tenant victims against the bank by restricting his deputies from booting renters out of a foreclosed property. This move by Dart gave tenants a 120-day period to settle themselves before actual eviction as indicated in the Illinois law.

In California, a law has been made to give tenants 60-days before actual eviction. A Chicago ordinance on the other hand allowed tenants to be informed a week before foreclosure process begins. Georgia, having a high scale on foreclosures, is one of the primary priorities for a similar advocacy.

However, experts believe that there will be issues involving these foreclosure notices. Tenants may be given a warning instead of being caught off-guard which is favorable for them. But this may also cause a sudden rage on the tenant as well and even be given time to cause damage on the property as a violent reaction to the notice.

As innocent tenants are the victims in this ugly situation, proposals have been made in order to protect them from having to lose this battle helplessly. It may take a while for proposals to take into effect as they have a process to go through including the majority of the Republican Legislature. However, hopes are high as Republican leaders are seeing this issue on foreclosure crisis to be needing attention.

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Author Resource : Cassiano Travareli has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosures market over 5 years.