Spring Home Sales: Start Preparing Your Home Now- By: M Shane

Description : With the spring on its way in many parts of the country, now is the opportune time to get started on all of your preparations for the seasonís real estate revival. In many parts of the continental US, wintertime means a slowing down in the housing market, no more so than we have seen this year. But with the slight increases in home values that weíve seen in some areas of the nation, it might just pay off to get your home ready to hit the market when the weather warms up, in hopes of getting a fair price. The best way to start getting your home ready for a spring sale is to start with the yard that is often neglected over the winter.

Once the snow is all melted away, take a look at your yard. If there are any areas that seem to puddle up with moisture or take a really long time to dry out after snow or rain, make note of them. Once the ground is a little dryer you might want to add some extra drainage in this area or plant some wet-loving plants here.

Clean up any broken branches from around your yard and take some time to cut back any trees or shrubs that have been damaged by the winter weather. Branches that have broken off roughly can allow bugs to infest trees or shrubberies, so make sure that you cut them off cleanly. Rake up any debris or leaves that have accumulated over the winter so that your yard can dry out if the weather has been wet.

Check out the condition of your lawn. If there are areas where the grass is damaged or thin, throw down some grass seed now while the weather is still damp so that youíre less likely to have to worry about watering it. A fuller, denser lawn will help absorb more water during wet months as well.

Invest in some new plants to brighten up your front yard and entertaining area in your backyard. While it often takes at least a few weeks for your yard to start looking lush and healthy after the winterís cold abates, you can add some instant pizzazz with new flowers. Adding planters with spring flowers around the entrance to your home can also make the front of your home look more welcoming.

Last, but not least, invest a weekend in renting a pressure washer to clean the sides of your house (if that method is appropriate for your type of siding) and cleaning your driveway, walkways, and/or retaining walls. Concrete often becomes stained black or green over the winter and a quick power wash can brighten it right up.

Remember that the more inviting the outside of your home is when it has a for sale sign out front, the more likely that prospective buyers will be interested in seeing the inside too!

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