Staging Your Condo For A Quick Sale- By: Andy Asbury

Description : When you are selling real estate – whether a condo, loft or single-family home – completing the transaction quickly is something for which most sellers strive. Of course, there is no transaction if there is no offer, and there often is no offer if potential buyers cannot picture themselves living in your home. That is where staging your condo comes into play. Done correctly, staging can go a long way to reducing the time your condo sits on the market.

Following are some tips for staging your condo for a quick sale:


Get rid of the knick-knacks that adorn your shelves and countertops. Unless you use them everyday, put them in a box while your condo is on the market (and make sure that box is out of sight). You want the space to appear as clean, large and user-friendly as possible, and having a bunch of dιcor does not help your cause.


You may love having a bunch of furniture, but it probably will not help you when it comes time to sell. When people look at condos, they want to be able to envision themselves living in there. But they want to envision their stuff in there. That is hard for them to do when your stuff is everywhere. The key is to not make your condo appear too Spartan. It should appear lived in, but leave something to the imaginations of potential buyers.


That line about helping people envision themselves living in what is now your home? Remove personal effects like pictures from the walls. You may love to look at the pictures taken on your wedding day, but if they are there for buyers to see, they will not help them picture themselves living in your condo.

Only that which is necessary

You may not mind having cabinets bursting at the seams with your stuff, or storage boxes scattered about your condo. But potential buyers will. They will see cabinets or closets that are stuffed to the gills, or boxes full of stuff sitting on the floor, as proof that there is not sufficient storage space in your condo. Keep visible only those things you truly need. If you can get by without them, do it.

Bye-bye pet

Your cat or dog may be the center of your life, but potential buyers do not care. At the very least, make sure the surfaces are not full of pet hair. Matter of fact, it is probably better if there is no sign that a cat or a dog lives there. If you have a pet that has made a mess of your carpet, make sure it is clean before potential buyers come through.


It is easy for buyers to change the paint color. But if they walk into your place and see a bunch of bold or brilliant colors – or any color that turns them off – they probably will forget about how easy the paint color is to change. So do not put them in that position. Some of the best neutral colors – those that do not attract attention – are off-white and beige.

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