Things to Consider in Having a Home Theater from an Extra Room- By: Faith Warner

Description : You have always wanted a home theater ever since you dropped your jaw watching that television show showcasing the homes of the rich and famous. You have finally considered converting that extra room, also known as your basement, into your own home theater. You have already your budget straightened up and in fact gone shopping. You have invested in pieces after careful deliberations. And you are finally ready to pop some corn, prop up your feet, lay back, relax and watch some movies, home theater style. Or are you?

Ventilation concerns

Have you tackled the ventilation issue? Having chosen the basement as your home theater, because really you had no other use for the extra space, you will have entirely different ventilation concerns. It is the basement and most probably it was constructed in such a way that the builders never thought you will be using the space for a room that you will be spending hours on and in. The furnace was installed in such a way that it heats up all upstairs room and not really the basement. Air ducts will most probably be constructed within the ceiling of the basement. You will end up watching a movie with a hot head and freezing toes.

Before starting that movie marathon, be sure that you have taken care of this problem. Have the ducts removed and placed near the floor of the basement or if that seems too costly for you, invest in a reliable space heater.

Humidity issues

Your basement walls will be surrounded by damp underground dirt, leaving your basement very humid than you need and want. Too much humidity will damage your equipment, they may look fine on the outside but the real damage is done on the internal components. Without taking care of this issue, you might as well destroy your home theater equipment yourself. Another issue with a very high humidity percentage is that any atmosphere with a 65% humidity or higher is the breeding ground for molds. With molds, you will be slowly killing yourself while you are having that movie marathon of yours.

Make sure that your basement walls are treated with a waterproofing solution to prevent the moisture from the ground to seep into your basement. Or install drywalls to cover the concrete. Invest in a good humidifier to keep the humidity in safe levels.

Screen size and room size ratio

The bigger you go with the screen size will not always mean the better. If the screen is too big for the room dimensions, you risk eye strain and expose yourself to too much radiation. Be sure to have the proportions right. A little Internet research will give you the optimum viewing experience while still taking care of health issues.

Before you start having all nighters or hosting movie marathons in that home theater of yours, be sure that it is safe for you and your guests to stay in there for extended periods of time. This way you can truly allow yourself to lay back and relax.

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