Tips for Renters in Preventing Yourselves from Crime- By: Cassiano Travareli

Description : Get yourself protected as a tenant. Here are some tips to do it:

  1. Demand the security your landlord promised you.

    Many landlords promise high security through advertisements or verbally. If you take it, then you need to see such promise get carried out. If your landlord fails to fulfill them, then you can take legal action.

  2. Check local and state laws.

    Landlords are required by law to provide security equipment like peepholes and deadbolts. Check if such laws apply to your landlord by getting a copy of your local housing code from your mayor or city manager. Some state-wide requirements are available online and in public libraries.

  3. Be the criminal.

    Analyze the building structure and security, just like a criminal. If getting in is easy and if crimes have occurred nearby the neighborhood, your landlord must take more effective measures.

  4. Communicate with your landlord.

    Explain all your concerns to your landlord. Make specific requests and demand what they promised. They will entertain you because in the long run, it will be more costly and time-consuming if they would not take care of their business.

  5. Seek government assistance.

    If peaceful persuasion does not produce results, call for reinforcement.

  6. Stop leasing and move.

    If security problems render your home unlivable, break the rental home agreement and move out. But give your landlord sufficient time to fix the problem first.

  7. Get the problem fixed and sue for costs.

    Do the necessary installations that your landlord is required to provide you but failed to do so, and reimburse it to your landlord.

  8. Use common sense.

    Avoid late-night trips and do not get into the dark parking lot alone. It may be inconvenient but your safety is worth it.

  9. Get renterís insurance.

    Renterís losses from theft or fire are usually not covered by the landlordís insurance. Get a renterís insurance more especially if you have expensive belongings.

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Author Resource : Cassiano Travareli has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosures market over 5 years.