Tips to Avoid Foreclosure- By: Sonia Smith

Description : If you find that you are in danger of losing your property because of the economic downfall or because of your own negligence, do not panic. There are various ways of avoiding foreclosure. Your options could vary, depending on whether you have a conventional, FHA or VA loan. Even though foreclosures are not as historically high levels, the increase is still worth considering. To avoid foreclosure, it is necessary to get in touch with your lender as soon as you have problems meeting your monthly dues. Explain your situation to them and provide financial information such as your monthly income and expenses so they can help you. Do not abandon your property because doing so might not qualify you to seek for assistance.

You could also contact a HUD-approved Housing counseling agency that provides information on services and programs offered by the government and private and community organizations as well. These services are offered without a fee. Your lender could offer you a special forbearance and arrange a payment that is based on your financial status and could even offer temporary suspension of your payments. You may qualify if you recently experienced reduction in your income or increase in your living expenses. You may also modify your loan by refinancing your debt or extending the term of your loan. Foreclosure laws vary from state to state, so you have to make certain that you are well aware of how much time you have.

If mortgage refinancing is not an option, ask your lender about loan modification. Forbearance allows you to pay less than the full amount of your loan payment in a certain period. Mortgage companies may consider you for this option if you can prove that funds from tax refunds, bonus or other sources could end your financial difficulties at a specific time later on. You may reinstate by paying the amount unpaid through lump sum at a certain period of time. You could also be eligible for a repayment plan that allows a fixed time in order for you to repay the total amount owed by combining a portion of your past dues with your regular monthly payment.

While there are many organizations that could help you avoid foreclosure, make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate one before getting involved. Keep in mind that there is no upfront free for services that are related to modification of loan or a delinquent loan. Protect your home, avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities by being vigilant, and report any suspicious acts that take advantage of your predicament to the authorities immediately.

When you talk to your lender, it is important to be well-organized so they will understand your situation and will be able to assess your options better. Your lender could be your ally in order to avoid foreclosure. Work with your lender for the best possible solution and prevent foreclosure. Do not ignore letters from your lenders. By talking to the lender, you will have a bigger chance of coming up with a solution to your problem.

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