Top 20 Tips For Safety In Your Pole Barn- By: Christoper Robertson

Description : Pole barn kits are simple to buy and erect... but once you start filling them with things, they become a minefield of potential accidents! Garages and barns are becoming far more an extension of the home, so we've compiled some useful safety tips for yourself and your family for when you're out in the barn.

    Preventing Trips and Falls

  1. Install shelving and cupboards in your pole barn, and ensure there is a place for everything... and everything stays in its place! Having piles on the floor is a major trip hazard.

  2. Keep a mop and degreaser in your pole barn to clean up greasy spills immediately.

  3. Use your walls as storage space for appropriate items - tools, chairs, bikes, rakes and shovels can all be stored on the walls to keep them out of the way.

  4. If you have stairs leading to your home garage kit, make sure they are well-lit and have safety handrails that kids can reach, but cannot fall through or over.

  5. Fire Safety

  6. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your pole barn, and that all members of the family know how to use it. If your kids are the right age, it is definitely worth using up part of your extinguisher on teaching them to use it in a 'live' situation - that is, pull the pin and squirt a tree or the kitchen sink.

  7. Many pole barns are full of extension cords - it is far safer to wire your pole barn kit or home garage kit up to mains power if you'll be using appliances and power tools in there.

  8. Make sure you use powerboards rather than stacking double adapters, and don't overload extension cords.

  9. Garage Door Safety

    If you have an automatic garage door opener:
  10. Make sure the control is stored out of reach of children... even of bigger children.

  11. Only buy garage doors with reversing features, and test your door quarterly to ensure that the reversing feature is still active. Pop a roll of paper towel under the door and close it - if the door doesn't goo back up after contacting the paper towel, have it looked at.

  12. If you go on vacation, unplug the door opener completely.

  13. Tool Safety

  14. Make sure heavy tools are stored in toolboxes or places where they cannot fall onto a child's head.

  15. Always leave power tools unplugged and put away.

  16. Remove the blades from power tools when not in use, if possible.

  17. If you have tools stored on the walls, ensure the nailboard you have used is in excellent condition.

  18. Chemical Safety

  19. Highly toxic chemicals should be stored locked away, with childproof caps and out of reach of children... yes, all three precautions are necessary!

  20. Make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions on storing pool chemicals to avoid combustion.

  21. Never store leftover chemicals in drinking bottles, whether they are labeled or not.

  22. Make sure your fire extinguisher is a chemical-type mixture - usually dry powder.

  23. Generally...
  24. Don't use barbeque grills or electric generators in your home garage kit - they emit carbon monoxide, which can be fatal at quite low levels.

  25. Keep a sturdy step stool inside your pole barn kit to help you reach high-up items.

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