Tourism to boost Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market- By: Tom Budniak

Description : This summer gave the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate industry a big reason to cheer. The tourism sector in Puerto Vallarta reported strong numbers with national tourists this summer. The industry is hoping a similar performance with international tourists this winter. The local government authorities have in recent times stressed on a sustainable development model which protects the ecology and nature which is the main attraction of Puerto Vallarta.

The latest figures for tourism released by the Federal Ministry of Tourism indicate a slight recovery in the three main tourist destinations in the state of Jalisco, including, Puerto Vallarta. Experts believe that recent investment of almost 60 million pesos in a campaign to promote Mexican tourism to the neighboring countries like U.S. and Canada, and others, will benefit Puerto Vallarta with a good number of international tourists arriving this winter. In a positive development that bodes well for the tourism industry, there has been a significant increase in tourist arrivals on cruise ships with six arrivals a week which will soon increase to eight a week.

The president of the Trust for Turism (Fidetur), Gabriel Igart˙a, stated that the industry is optimistic about the outlook for the winter period in Puerto Vallarta. Analysts hope that tourists from USA and Canada will flock to the sunny climes of Puerto Vallarta to take advantage of it's gorgeous beaches, water sports and ecotourism this winter and hence, will match the excellent figures that were witnessed this summer.

In the view of H1N1 scare, Puerto Vallarta's authorities are taking precautions to deal with any health related issues in the future. The government has set aside a special fund to address any health issues quickly and effectively. This will go a long way in assuring tourists and will send a strong signal that Mexican government is very serious and fully committed to the well being of its guests. This is also good news for Puerto Vallarta Real Estate owners, or prospective buyers, showing that the local authorities are prepared to deal with issues before they occur. Government's steps in promoting Puerto Vallarta tourism and in addressing public health issues show a dedication to maintaining and improving Puerto Vallarta's quality of life and economy up to international standards.

In recent times, authorities in Puerto Vallarta have been very proactive in protecting the beautiful natural flora and fauna which offers so much to tourists and real estate buyers in Puerto Vallarta. As seen worldwide, any area blessed with natural beauty sees real estate investment and development. Likewise, Puerto Vallarta will benefit from the beauty natural setting of the area. Local government sees the necessity to protect this benefit and promote a sustainable, environment-friendly approach.

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