Turn Basements into Wine Cellar- By: Vicki Hat

Description : Have you ever heard of the saying that wines taste better as it age? Well, this is not a saying. It is a fact. Some wines need to be aged to reach its best quality. But this is not possible without observing the proper techniques to storing wines.

Although most people just opt to place their newly purchase wines on their over the table wine racks, some people are quite knowledgeable on storing them. They know that top quality wines are more demanding when it comes to storage. Almost all of the time, they need rooms or spaces where temperature manipulation is possible.

When you have plenty of bottles to store, this will be the time when a wine cellar must be built, especially if you are collecting vintage or age-worthy wines.

So, where can you build wine cellar at home? The basement for one can be the perfect places to build the cellar. The reason for this is lack of sunlight entering in the room. One must understand that ultraviolet rays react with the phenolic compounds of the wine which then can result to spoilage.

Another reason for selecting basement is the ease of manipulation of temperature. With great insulation techniques, one can maintain the temperature between 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This facilitates in aging wine. The key here though is proper insulation. If a person is able to insulate the place well, constant changes in extreme temperature could be avoided. If change from cold to hot or hot to cold constantly happens, moisture problems could brew in.

One thing to keep in mind is that too much humidity destroys the flavor of wine and too much drop in temperature would halt its maturation. And since changes in temperature could lead to moisture, this kind of condition could precipitate to mold problems. If there is fluctuation in temp, it should however be kept at the advised range.

The basement is perfect because you can also utilize its walls in creating racks. If you have plenty of wines, you will certainly need compartments to properly organize the wine and proper handling. But it isnít enough that there are areas for placement of wines. There are certain wine handling conditions that need to be observed. For one, racks should be kept sideways. The logic of this is to keep the cork moist and prevent formation of bubbles in the ullage. The rack though should not also be completely straight rather it should be properly angled.

Making a wine cellar in your basement is feasible. But you really have to consider rules in storing wine. The structures needed to complete the cellar should also be present. And the right materials should be used to keep the temperature of the place right.

A properly built cellar will help you keep your favorite wines retain the flavor that you love. It also keeps your most expensive wines at their best. This way you can always put one on your table without compromise in taste.

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