Using a Patio for a House Addition- By: Ravisankar Poduval

Description : Patio as a house addition has been a very old concept that has been used by home owners to increase utility of their livable space as well as increase the total carpet area, so that they can demand better prices for their homes, as and when they sell it. Although there are many elaborate designs for patios, available with interior designers and architects, it is prudent to proceed with simple designs that shall not only help reduce your building costs but also make sure that you do not have to spend too much on maintenance.

Utilizing the land to its best possible way is another step by which you can increase the value of the house by way of patio building. Use every square foot available, not only to lay pavers but also to create a good landscape effect. Bear in mind the usage as far as number of people are concerned. If you have a natural slope you can even think of putting a few steps to make it look elegant.

Another great way to cut costs is to reuse old materials you may have lying around the house. Not only will this type of recycling making your patio project cheaper, but it can also provide some interesting solutions to your building dilemmas. There are many different types of patio flooring that you may choose to use. Some of the most popular backyard patios are:

Brick patios
Stone patios
Concrete patios
Flagstone patios
Concrete pavers
Tile patios

Once you have decided on the plan and material of your patio, the work begins. It is better that the work be entrusted to an authorized contractor who shall have the know how to proceed with such a work. A poorly built base can cause your patio to become uneven and the stones or concrete to crack. If your backyard is especially uneven, it may be easier to just put in a few steps than to try and level everything out. Hence ensure that the leveling job is done to the maximum perfection possible. It is better to spend a few extra money and get a quality job done rather than save money by having a low quality job done and later spending more on its maintenance.

One hassle free way of creating a patio, which has become quite popular nowadays is the use of patio rooms. Some of these patio enclosures will let you use your patio all year long, while others just use a patio screen to help keep the bugs out. Some patio screens are freestanding while others need to be anchored to your patio deck or concrete patio. A patio enclosure can help you get a lot more use out of your patio.

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