What You Need to Know About Your Hardwood Floor- By: Zoltan Laszlo

Description : Hardwood flooring is the flooring type of the rich, or at least this is the impression it gives due to the way it elevates any room to new elegance. Maybe it has also to do with the higher price of this material compared to others such as vinyl or laminate, or even engineered flooring. However even if you think you don't have the money to spend on this flooring type, you should consider it due to the fact that it's not only practical and decorative, but it automatically increases the price of any home based on its high quality alone.

There are many types of finishes, surface types and hardwood materials available to choose from. Each play an important role in how your final floor covering will end up looking like. This is why no two hardwood floorings are exactly the same, even if the floor material comes from the very same flooring store.

You can find hardwood either in prefinished or in unfinished types. The prefinished has an advantage of convenience over the other type. Basically you don't need to do any sanding when installing it so you save lots of time in the process. Also this means that you don't need to wait until the flooring finish will dry. The unfinished variety, on the other hand, is looking much more uniform on your floor. This means that there are no major gaps between the floor boards when the finish is applied, so the entire surface looks more even and this appeals to many people. This is why many sellers offer their customers unfinished flooring instead of the refinished type.

When it comes to the material type, you can find hardwood in red or white oak, maple, American and Brazilian Cherry. Each of them have their unique advantages over other types. For example American cherry is a very elegant material that is easy to work with. It is also used in making all sorts of cabinets. The Brazilian cherry, on the other hand, is well known for its exotic color which is a reddish brown that sometimes turns into a rich burgundy as time passes. Oak has usually a natural pale color that has even some streaks of pink going through it at times. White oak is a bit harder than red oak which makes it more durable. Maple is even harder than oak and it has a uniform texture that is loved by many. Maple was used by the early North American settlers due to its resilient and durable nature and it still continues to be a favorite with many people not only in the US but also all over the world.

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