What to Do About Lilburn Hail Damage- By: Adam Morien

Description : Whether you’re repairing, buying or selling, there are many reasons to call Lilburn roofers. Naturally, the roof is one of the most vulnerable places on your real estate investment. The roof is the first point of contact for scorching UV rays, torrential downpour, forceful winds and Lilburn hail damage. At the end of a severe hailstorm, a beautiful Georgian house can be compromised by shattered windows, dented flashing, pock-marked siding, cracked shingles and smashed underlying Lilburn roofing membranes.

Hail occurs when huge rain drops get lifted back into the sky by turbulent wind gusts, where they freeze and come back down with increased intensity. A hailstone can be as small as a pea, which can dent shingles, or as large as a golf ball, which can penetrate shingles and smash right through underlying ply-wood. Wind direction and the pitch of your Lilburn roofing are two factors in how much damage your home will sustain. When a roof is steeply pitched, the hail comes down and ricochets off at a perfect 90-degree angle, which causes the most direct damage. By contrast, a flatter roof will bounce hail at a 45-degree angle, which is a less direct hit.

A roof inspection from experienced Lilburn roofers can help you determine how much Lilburn hail damage you’ve suffered following a storm. Often your homeowners insurance will not cover your losses unless you call a professional Lilburn roofing company to assess the damage. Trained professionals will look to see if your aluminum fixtures and flashing have dents, if the air conditioning unit has been compromised, if the paint has been chipped away, if underlying wood has been smashed, if shingles have been shredded or split and if sheathing has become brittle. More often than not, a free evaluation will tell you that there have been some mild effects of Lilburn hail damage but nothing that compromises the structural integrity of your home. In some cases, minor repairs will need to fix some individual spots and in other cases, you may need a Lilburn roofing overhaul. Lilburn roofers will make sure your roof shingle products conform to the Underwriters Laboratories test standard UL 2218 and have a Class 4 rating, which means your rooftop is most resistant to Lilburn hail damage.

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Author Resource : Lilburn hail damage is few Georgians’ worst nightmares, when compared to hurricanes or floods. However, damage to your Lilburn roofing can lead to devastating effects – water leaking into your home, mold and mildew, pest infestations and even structure rotting. The cost of routine maintenance by Lilburn roofers is far less than catastrophe repair.