Where to Place Smoke Detectors- By: Racheal Ashley

Description : We all know that smoke detectors are a must. They help keep us safe by notifying us if there is a possibility for dangerous situations in our homes. But, many of us do not know that in order for them to be the most effective, we really need to pay attention to where they should be placed.

So, where should they be placed?

  1. You need to have one in every sleeping area as well as in each adjoining room.

  2. Place at least one on every floor of your home. This includes the basement so you need to be sure that you have not forgotten this area.

  3. Install a smoke detector in areas of the house where the furnace or water heater is located as well. These things may create a fire and it is a good idea to have the smoke detector close to these things.

When you purchase smoke detectors you need to be sure that you buy the smoke detectors that are interconnected. This means that if one goes off, they will all be triggered. This really is the safest thing for you and your family. You also need to read the instructions with each one so that you are sure that you know how to test them. This will also tell you how often you will need to replace the batteries. Once a month you should test the smoke detectors to make sure they are working properly and that the batteries are not dead. This is a small task to do that will keep your family safe from a home fire disaster.

If your fire detectors do go off and you have a fire in your home, make sure you know how to extinguish home fires, if the fire is too out of control, get out of the house immediately and call the fire department.

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